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How Is Content Planning Different From Content Strategy?

People often consider content planning as well as content strategy the same things. The superficial knowledge about these terms suggests that they are the same. But as you understand the core concepts, you will find many differences among them. There’s no doubt that the list of similarities between them is far longer than the differences. But content planning and content strategy have minute differences. Let’s discuss their core concepts to identify the differences among them. These are as follows;

What Is Content Planning?

It includes the initial ideas for bringing about content changes in academic writing or any other content writing type. In content planning, the planners decide what/when they will induce changes in content. It is all about workflow, as well as the writing processes. It decides what theme you will follow as well. Also, it describes the goals that the content must meet. This aspect involves a series of steps to ensure whether your content can face the content marketing challenges or not.

Originality Of Content

The important aspect of content planning is to ensure content’s uniqueness. This is because the content market is more conscious of the uniqueness of content. Further, collaborative planning with stakeholders helps us in finding new ideas.

Relevancy Of The Content

Content planning works to create relevancy in ideas throughout the text. For this purpose, it can use the outlining techniques.

Workflow Management  

It also aims to manage the structure of workflow. It confirms the activeness of all team members for maintaining this aspect. Further, it demands multi-disciplinary teams as well for ensuring field-specific content generation.

Highly Optimised Content Generation

Content planning makes plans to enhance the content’s engagement. It helps the readers in highlighting every piece of the content as an attractive feature. The content made by content planning can meet all content market demands in this way as well. It deals with the criteria of content generation, and the publishing schedule. Further, it also reduces the ranking, as well as publication issues. But the aspect of content strategy is somewhat different.

What is Content Strategy?

The domain of content strategy has a different vision. This is because it aims to meet specific business goals. It makes policies for improving future content development areas as well. In short, content developers make strategies to meet their business targets here. And for content strategy, the most important terms are that of ‘Objective’, as well as ‘Vision’.

Different websites define content strategy in different ways. According to a few, content strategy is can be defined as follows;

The plans for creation, governance, publication, and editing of useful web-content.

But this definition is a little similar to the definition of content planning. This is because it is a broader one. It merges the content strategy with content planning. The following definition is a narrower version of the above definition;

Content strategy aims to decide when, or how to publish content for meeting the marketing goals.

In other words, content strategy is not planning. It is the execution of the plan. So it will not be wrong to say that the first step is content planning in content marketing. Whereas the second step is that of content strategy. Hence, content marketing is the broader term here. This is because it needs both content planning, as well as content strategy for obtaining the business goals.

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Differences between both;

Content Planning

Content Strategy

  • It is the first step of content marketing.
  • It deals with the processes, and workflow.
  • Also, it deals with content generation, outlining, as well as publishing.
  • Further, it suggests a proper structure to the content.
  • It makes plans.
  • It is the second step of content marketing.
  • But the prominent aims of content strategy include that of objectives and Vision.
  • It repeats the planning process, but meets the marketing goals.
  • Content strategy suggests marketing competitive plans.
  • It executes the plans as well.

Hence, after knowing content planning and strategies, it becomes clear that there are minute differences among them. Yet there are many steps in both processes that overlap regularly. In this context, publishing goals are the major concerns that differentiate them. Further, content planning is important for both offline, and online content generation. It is important to note here that content strategy specifically targets online publications. Apart from all these, you can also search for content tools to refine each step in the both processes.

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