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Top 10 High Impact Journals To Publish Your Paper

Research has significant importance within our daily lives. It gives us knowledge about new developments. Businesses want to remain up to date with new developments. If businesses don’t stay updated with this knowledge, they won’t survive within the market. New studies inform them about new trends of the market. They help them in learning new things, and business strategies. It is better to consider studies from the best journals. In this article, we share a list of the top 10 business journals. These journals have great worth in the market. Moreover, they share the latest studies on time. These top 10 business journals as shared by experts of PhD dissertation writing services are as follows;

Top 10 Research Journals

Academy Of Management Journal

It is a journal published by the Academy of Management. It covers different aspects of management. This journal focuses on finding contribution in the practice of management. It welcomes different kinds of methods. But its main focus is on the empirical findings. It also welcomes qualitative methods, as well as field research. The researcher has to make a strong theoretical contribution to publish in it. It also welcomes strong empirical work in the paper. Researcher work must be both original, and interesting. The paper must share great insights about management practices. Journal calls for papers are made six times a year for publication.

Academy Of Management Review

The Academy of management review also publishes this journal. This journal wants to increase the understanding of management, as well as company. For publications, researchers have to extend theories. Their work must have the capability to build a testable claim. For this purpose, researchers develop organisational theories. They also challenge the existing ones. They can sum up the new development in a specific area of organisation as well. Their articles are not limited to one area of business. They cover many other fields like sociology, psychology, and humanities.

Journal Of International Business Studies

It is the publication of springer. This journal is not limited specific knowledge. It focuses on the strategies of multinational companies. Moreover, it also observes their relationships with other companies, and institutions. It shares thought-provoking content about the business. The business community enjoys their studies. This journal publishes papers nine times in a year.

Journal Of Management

Sage publishes this journal. This journal accepts all types of articles. It means that they accept both empirical, and theoretical articles. It covers all kinds of topics about management. Further, it also accepts papers relating to business policy, and plans. Moreover, it also focuses on organisational behaviour, and theory. The Journal of management publishes its articles eight times a year.

Journal Of Business Ethics

This is another famous journal of Springer. It focuses on the ethical issues of a business. For example, it considers the moral side of advertising, accounting, and other aspects. This journal aims to improve human conditions. This journal also welcomes jargon freestyle for promoting dialogues. It publishes almost 28 vast issues every year.

Review Of Accounting Studies

Springer is the publisher of this journal. This journal publishes issues about accounting. It welcomes theoretical, and experimental work. Moreover, it also includes empirical studies. It sticks with the rigorous approach for distinctive work too. An editor decides in the first revision whether a paper will be accepted, or rejected. If a paper meets the standard, the researcher will get an opportunity to revise it. After revision, the paper becomes publishable. The journal receives papers every quarter. It has a good reputation as well. It also holds a good impact factor within the market.

Accounting, Organisations, And Society

It is the publication of Elsevier. Its focus is on the relationship between human behaviour, and accounting. It gives importance to the paper about organisational structure. It also covers papers that focus on social, as well as political factors. This journal aims to challenge the role of accounting. Moreover, it also aims to increase the general understanding about this concept. This journal also focusses on the social issues about businesses. For example, it observes how market development influences the economy. This journal relates to three factors for understanding business. It’s good for allocating business studies that consider social issues.

Administrative Science Quarterly

It welcomes both new, and expert researchers. It focuses on the study of organisations. Further, it allows both empirical, as well as theoretical papers. It also accepts work on organisational theory. Cornell university manages this journal. It focuses on combining the theory of other disciplines within organisations. This journal has published many award-winning papers. It publishes articles four times a year.

Journal Of Business And Economic Statistics

This journal is the publication of American Statistical Association. It focuses on statistical analysis. It considers statistical work about the economy. Further, it also welcomes papers that share important forecasting about businesses. It covers the journal topics about statistics too. This journal focuses a lot on research method of the paper. Empirical reading habits get great value from this journal. Researchers show great interest in publishing their work here. This journal publishes on a quarterly basis.

Entrepreneurship Theory And Practice

It is the publication of Wiley. It publishes different kinds of papers about entrepreneurship. Further, it welcomes empirical, as well as conceptual papers. Entrepreneurs and researchers take an interest in their studies. The government employees also take help in making the policies about businesses. It focuses on the process of business creation. Moreover, it highlights behaviour of the entrepreneurs. It covers all aspects of entrepreneurship. For example, a paper may share how to finance the business. Another paper may study the behaviour of entrepreneurs. This journal publishes papers every two months.


People want to remain updated with new knowledge. For this purpose, they are looking for new studies. These studies help them in solving their issues. But in this process, they ignore the source of study. It is better to read the study from an authentic journal. They raise new, and important issues about the field. It gives great insights to the readers. They can use this study for improving their work. Hence, we share the list of top journals that readers can find online.

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