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Top Online Platforms to Practice Your Programming Skills

Between the stone age and this modern age, one huge differentiating factor is programming. New modern world is the blessing of computer programming. You can observe programming in each and every corner of the world. In fact, this article that you are reading is because of programming skills. Your life is colorless and boring without your mobile phones, computers, smart televisions and other devices. Existence of all of these is because of programming.

You can be a part of this global innovative world by learning programming skills. The best recommended profession of this age is to master in programming skills. There are so many jobs and opportunities for programmers that they would not be having any free minute in their lives. We will discuss the top online platforms where you can practice your programming skills. But first, understand the necessary aspects.

What Is Programming?

Programming Skills 1Computer works on special instructions which are known as codes. The process of writing those codes is known as programming. Thorough programming, we make the machine understand what do we want from it. When different functions of logic sequence and mathematics are joined together, they make a program. For example, if you are not a concerned person to programming field then the program will appear as random words and letters.

This is a basic function that many professionals need to learn. Persons of computer engineering, information technology, software engineering, application developers and many others need to learn the programming skills for their profession. There are different languages which can be used for programming purposes, like java, C, C++, python, HTML, CSS and many more. Every language has its own characteristics.

What Are Essential Programming Skills?

There are many programming skills. Some of them are related to basic technical knowledge and some are related to essentials needed for basic knowledge. The first and basic skill is to know about the languages. The main languages used for programming are java, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. Every language has some unique characteristics which can be used according to the tasks. Then programmer should have an innovative approach. There is no better knowledge than experience.

A programmer must be learning through his mistakes and should be providing efficient solutions for existing and possible problems. Other than the innovative skills, a programmer should have analytical approach to handle big projects. The mind of the programmer is the original program that how he groups the bulk information and how he analyzes it for a greater result. Moreover, programming skills include patience and deep look into problems.

Top Online Platforms For Programming Skills:

One of the many astonishing benefits of programming skills is that you can work from home. Enjoying your family time is the best part you can have Programming skills can provide you many online platforms where you can practice and serve very easily. Following are the top recommendations for online practices.

Top Coder:

Top coder is the best and largest platform for programming skills. It is known as the operating system for talent. It is a heaven for talented programmers. Any technocrat like technical geeks, application developers, data analyzers and others can join this platform to explore their abilities. It has more than 1.5 million members making it the world’s most diverse entity in the technical field. This is globally a well trusted platform. Many big organizations consult top coder for their desired tasks. The reason behind it is, top coder gives value and worth to every new comer and individual. There is always an opportunity on top coder.


Programming Skills 2According to an assignment help firm, Exercism is another very supportive platform for programming skills. And not just for programming skills, it is also a powerful alternative for economic and social movements. Exercism provides both, an opportunity for practice and mentorship. You can practice more than 50 languages in Exercism. Its mentoring system is what makes them unique. You can have automated or human mentorship for your practices. This is the best platform available for absolute beginners. No other platform will provide such an opportunity for beginners like Exercism does. It is hundred percent free and an open-source software. Thousands of people are utilizing this platform for the development and application of their projects.

Hacker Rank:

Enlisting the platform for programming skills cannot be completed without Hacker Rank. This is the leading platform for interviewing the developers for desired tasks. Hacker Rank provides its services for both, costumers and the organizations. It deals with all the languages like Java, C++, PHP, JavaScript and many other languages. This is the best platform for evaluating the quality of the work.

Whenever a programmer submits his project, it is checked and scored. Then Hacker Rank will rank it globally on leadership board. In this way, the efforts of talented programmers become fruitful. Ranking system enhances the quality of work. Moreover, Hacker Rank is used to manage contests in which programmers from all over the world take part. The successful people are granted with well-enough rewards.


CodeChef is a famous name in the world of algorithms, coding and programming contests. They are well known for hosting contests for programming skills. They provide training courses for algorithms and binary searches. Their tutorials are widely used among the programmers. With a lot of events on programming, you can practice any of your programming skills on CodeChef.

You can try and submit your programming on the running challenges. There are monthly challenges available on website; a very good and continuous effort for proving your talent. You can try problems of any category according to your level of programming. CEO of essay writing service firm says, every project has reward of near seven hundred dollars.


Programming is like the building unit of the modern world. The need of programming skills is never ending. Programmers are welcomed anywhere in the world to deliver their services. We have enlisted the top online platform where you can practice your programming skills to serve and earn. There are many more platforms available.

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